About Bozdar

Hello Multiverse!

The name is Abdul-Jabbar but I go with my surname Bozdar among people around me, originally from Pakistan but location independent these days.

Mainly created this weblog to improve my writing skills and post solutions to problems, I find my self in when I get my hands dirty with tech stuff.

What do I do?

A Data Networks Specialist who helps many computers to communicate with many, many, many other computers and loves to mess with electronic circuits. Time to time, I practise the web programming to keep my front-end skills sharp to improve my WordPress powered blog.

Besides above all, I enjoy reading books and watching The Flash. Some of my favourite books include Pale Blue Dot, The Biology of Belief, Heart of Darkness, and The Old Man & The Sea. GoodReads is the best place where you can find, what I am reading currently. Not only I read books in paper format but also love to listen to them on Audible.

Media: I have been watching The Flash since the start of season one. The idea of living in a multiverse in the program fascinates me a lot. Many of my friends have recommended me to watch Game of Thrones but it has never been of interest. Each and every drama and film where Benedict Cumberbatch starred in is my top favourite.

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