Scattered Thoughts


He sketches a wall on paper, fills yellow colour expecting, “it might look beautiful”. He finds the tune ugly and mixes magenta with yellow; it changes to red.

He then draws a lily at the centre of the strange wall.

“Stupid me!”, he mumbles and trashes the paper.

-The End


Prompt: the colour red; a single lily; the sound of a piano playing.


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10 Responses to “Scattered Thoughts”

      1. Wonderful! Micro looks like it should be easy because it’s so short, but it’s honestly the hardest challenge we run. 🙂

          1. I’m not surprised. We used to give 3 days to write micros, and sometimes I’d use them all. OK, not every hour every day, but I’d be thinking and “headwriting” the whole time.

          2. In September, I’ll use the time the best way. I didn’t know that the Microprose Challenge was up for this month. I found out it via Twitter, so I had to write a story in remaining 6-8 hours. It was a hard drill, and I successfully finished it.

          3. Woot! Yes, it runs the first Wednesday of every month, but it is definitely tricky working around the time differences.

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