Life In A Multiverse


Rolled and rolled again, he kept his spoon rolling and dark chocolate continued breaking and mixing into the melting ice cream. He took a scoop, and darn, some of the cream plopped back into the cup.

Dude finish it, “Antonie reacted while looking at his face as something went way more clumsy”.

Although he wanted to work on his experiments, yet he left the lab with Isiah to go out and take a weekend delight with some chips and ice creams. Famous due to their friendship, Isiah and Antonie not only lived side by side but also shared traits of attentiveness and great hospitality in the neighbourhood.

“Have you ever felt that you lived an event more than once?”, Isiah asked Antonie, keeping his question straight.

Do you mean, living in two lives, eating two meals, or dancing with that Thai twice in Jonny’s club? Antonie rolled his eyes toward the girl sitting some tables ahead. Oh yes, that event you would definitely live more than once, you Ant! Isiah’s temper sparked and Antonie raised his hands up.

I brought you here so we could talk. Anyway, I wanted to share that few times in previous days, I felt living some events more than once. Isiah continued, “these whizz feelings are so intense that I get goosebumps.”

“Go on”, Antonie said, nodding his head and cleaning up the chips.

This is all, I have so far. Do you believe in time travel or do you believe in living in another universe, mate? Isiah’s pitch increased as soon as he finished asking.

Yes, I live in another universe but dancing with that Thai instead of having chips with you. Oh, come on mate! See out there is our planet, lush green with so many people, and you imagine to live in another world. He looked at him with astonishing eyes, and an eyebrow up, looking forward to a reply.

“I often imagine that there could be of us humans out there in…”, Your ice cream please, it has already melted, Antonie forwarded the cup to Isiah.

He smiled on his interruption, took the cup and started taking remaining chunks of ice cream which was no more

“Your ice cream please; it has already melted”, Antonie forwarded the cup to Isiah. He smiled on his interruption, took the cup and started finishing remaining chunks of ice cream which was no more iced enough now.

They decided to leave the cafe as it started getting late. Both mates said a goodbye and parted.

While walking off the road, on the pavement, Isiah looked around, everything seems usual. At the bus stop, he found that there is still a bus, the last one which will go to his district. He reached at right time and didn’t miss as it happened last time. Isiah looked toward the sky, city lights made all-stars disappear; he mumbled, what if there is one like me out there in space.How would I be living my life in a multiverse?

How would I be living a life in a multiverse?

– The End


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