Today for the very first time, I started my blog without a title. There would be one, I believe, but not immediately. Last month, I sit in IELTS exam and got a good overall band 7.0, particularly a high in academic writing; that’s 7.5 band out of 9.

Writing a story for native English audiences while using Eglish as a second language, having an Arabic first name then living in a developing country, this all sounds blunder. But there are authors who have Arabic names say, Khalid Hosseini of Kite Runner. There is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the famous NBA player. I think I have chances to get some fame due to him as his last name is my first name.

When I was an undergraduate student, my friends told me that I am not good at expressing myself in the English language. I think it was a lie because they also bullied me. This was the reason that I decided to take IELTS exam back in 2009 but different choices were made which caused different effects; the cause-and-effect phenomena.

Last month, I overcame my fear of failure and now I am way more confident than ever before. With time we all make progress and this is what happened to me as well. However, to write a story or a novelette, I still need a lot of practice. I need to read some more science fiction books because this is the genre in which I want to write as well as find a local or an online teacher who could help me to improve.

I am still unable to title my anecdote; not sure why but it is not kind of anxiety. How about titling it Cause-And-Effect? I think it is a good title for this anecdote, and it suits my situation where I stand. Now, I want to stop writing and think about myself and the world around me understand the cause-and-effect of my choices, the future choices. As Stephen King says in his novel The Stand, “The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there… and still on your feet.” I am glad that I am still on my feet and this proves that one can manipulate the bad effects of regretful causes.