Want to dig about me…

Here you go!

abdul jababr bozdar

My name is Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar, and I live in Nanjing am location independent these days. smile

I created this weblog to improve my writing skills and post solutions to problems, I find my self in, when I mess with a new - actually an old and quite used - computer.

What do I do? I like to mess around with computers and electronic circuits.

Beside above , I enjoy reading books and watching The Flash. Some of my favourite books include Pale Blue Dot, The Biology of Belief, Heart of Darkness, and The Old Man & The Sea. GoodReads is a good place where you can find, what I am reading currently. Not only I read books in paper format but also love to listen them on Audible.

TV: I like Flash because it is ever developing character in DC Comic World and teaches how to face the consequences of mistakes made in past. The time-travel topic and parallel worlds just fasinate me a lot.

There will be a lot more for introduction in future. Keep Returning!